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New Dawn in Tank Integrity

The Floormap3DiM provides the complete mapping and stop-on-defect solution by combining two distinct technologies, MFL and STARS...

These advances greatly improve the efficiency of the inspection by enabling the engineer to make fast, accurate and reliable decisions.

Reliable Decision Making Article

Improve inspection results for reliable decisions in asset management

Storage tanks are highly valuable assets that are often subjected to harsh conditions and they operate within an ever tightening regulatory landscape...

Tank Storage Magazine

Silverwing systems are designed and manufactured to exceed the challenges of modern inspection requirements.

Our range of inspection systems and software tools have been developed to enable inspectors and engineers to quickly visualize and accurately evaluate the condition of industrial assets, supporting effective and safe operation.

Floormap3D Upgrade

The Floormap3Di introduces new software and analysis tools that support a greater level of data interrogation and allow detection of indications that are outside of the ‘normal’ range of MFL.

The Floormap3Di introduces a new defect map based on the intensity of MFL signal response...


Silverwing recognizes that full tank mapping is not always required and there is also a requirement for rapid MFL screening combined with ultrasonic defect sizing.

The MFLi3000 has been designed to meet this demand by bringing together the advanced defect detection capability of our Floormap systems

We understand the need to balance greater accuracy and detection with reduced inspection timescales, and this drives us to design ever more efficient and accurate systems.

Focussing on fast data collection and automated reporting releases more time for data analysis, adding value and reducing overall inspection time...

Efficient Inspection Solutions

All our equipment is designed to simplify the requirements of inspection standards such as API 653 and EEMUA 159 enabling engineers to evaluate the condition of industrial assets, supporting effective and safe operation.

Corrosion Inspection & Management

The RMS2 is extremely flexible with a range of scanning heads to suit different inspection requirements and significantly increase the Probability of Detection (POD) of corrosion.

When combined with the CMAP reporting and data management software which is an innovative solution to managing today’s complex inspection reports,

16thJan 2017
7thFeb 2017