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Join us in Dubai for the Tank World Expo

Tank World Expo - Tank Storage Event

Hi, time is quickly passing and with only a few days to go the momentum, anticipation and excitement is building.

Last week we covered our CMAP inspection management and reporting software, this week we focus on our range of inspection solutions and our NEW SNT-TC-1A training and qualification on Magnetic Flux Leakage Method for the Inspection of Above Ground Storage Tanks (ASTs).


Floormap3DiM: Two Technologies One Tank Bottom Inspection Solution 


The introduction of STARS (Surface topology air-gap reluctance sensors) together with MFL enables the scanner to differentiate whether there is corrosion product side, soil side or below the surface coating.

  • Tank bottom mapping
  • Coated floor inspection
  • Advanced corrosion sizing and analysis

“Because of the Floormap's capabilities especially through the tank’s GRP liner our shut down went from a scheduled 30 days turn around to “job complete” within the 1st week”


SNT-TC-1A Qualification and Certification:  Inspection Confidence

SNT-TC-1A MFL Tank Inspection

This qualification adds reliability and confidence to the Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) inspections of Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST’s).

  • Qualify inspection technicians
  • Validated by BINDT Certification Services
  • Combined Level 1 and 2 qualification

"The course was very informative, I've definitely learnt a lot"


RMS2: Automated Corrosion Mapping

RMS2 automated corrosion mapping

The RMS2 is a high speed, high accuracy remote access ultrasonic corrosion mapping system.

  • Automated / remote access UT scanner
  • High speed ultrasonic testing
  • High probability of corrosion detection with up to 0.5 mm scan grid

UT LITE:  Corrosion Profiling and Mapping

The UT Lite is a portable, powerful, ultrasonic inspection system. Using Silverwing’s unique dry coupled scanning technology for corrosion profiling and mapping. It offers distinct advantages for inspection of storage tanks, pipework and pressure vessels.

UT Lite

Common Features

  • Dry coupled wheel probe
  • Software designed for technicians by technicians
  • Interchangeable heads
  • Battery operated
  • Import into CMAP
R-Scan Corrosion profiling


  • 360 degrees In service corrosion profiling
  • Ideal for remote locations, (no couplant required)
  • Inspect a variety of surfaces including pipes and elbows
Scorpion Remote Access Crawler


  • Complete UT crawler system
  • Remote access up to 50 m
  • Higher POD than conventional UT thickness gauging
Thetascan Corrosion mapping


  • In service corrosion mapping
  • Detailed C-scan with adjustable resolution
  • Scan compensation for pipe diameter.

V750 Vacuum Box: Designed to meet API 650 & 653 recommendations 

V750 Vacuum Box

The latest range of vacuum boxes have been built to last  and to increase the efficiency of weld inspection whilst making it easier on the operator.

  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Calibrated gauge
  • Extremely rugged construction

“Inspecting a distance equalling 160 feet of weld. I was able to complete the test in less than 30 minutes and everyone was super impressed with the unit.”