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NDT Equipment - Tanks, Pipes and Vessel Inspection

Silverwing UK Ltd is the leading specialist in Non Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment for storage tanks, vessels and pipe work within the oil and gas and petro-chemical industries. We design, develop and manufacture advanced, seamless NDT solutions to evaluate the condition of industrial assets, supporting effective and safe operation.

Our NDT equipment include MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage) corrosion detection, mapping, and sizing tank floor scanners, MFL pipe scanners, UT (Ultrasonic) Automated C-Scan corrosion mapping imaging systems, Manual B and C scan systems, UT wall and tank crawlers used for ultrasonic thickness measurements and remote B-scan imaging systems, electric vacuum box and compressed air driven vacuum boxes systems. Please select which technology, product or model you are interested in.

CMAP - Corrosion Mapping C-Scan Stitching Software


CMAP - Corrosion Mapping C-Scan Stitching Software

Silverwing’s CMAP software is an innovative solution to managing today’s complex inspections, delivering a powerful and efficient data management environment. CMAP's unique approach enables inspection results from multiple disciplines and historical inspections to be easily viewed, analysed and shared.
Floormap3Di MFL Tank Floor Inspection


Tank floor mapping TOP and BOTTOM surface defects discrimination

Building on the success of the Floormap3D with STARS top and bottom defect discrimination, continuous research and development has resulted in the most advanced Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) storage tank bottom scanner the Floormap3Di. The new system introduces: MFLi (intensity) - advanced search and verification tool Dynamic cursor - advanced defect sizing and classification tool
MFLi3000 Corrosion Screening Tank Floor


Stop on Defect Corrosion Screening Scanner

The MFLi3000 has been designed to meet this demand by bringing together the advanced defect detection capability of our Floormap systems with a simple to use stop on defect scanner system.
Handscan Mini MFL Floor Scanner


Mini MFL Floor Scanner

The Handscan MFL corrosion detection mini floor scanner is designed to compliment the Floormap3D, FloormapVS2i and MFL2000 floorscanners. Even in such a small configuration the latest generation of permanent magnets enable localized magnetic saturation of the floor area under test.
Pipescan MFL pipeline corrsoion screening


MFL Pipe Screening System

Pipescan is an easy to use, cost effective, portable, magnetic flux leakage inspection system for the detection of random internal corrosion pipe runs. The latest magnetic material coupled with unique mechanical designs enables coverage of all pipe diameters from 48mm to 2.4 metres with a limited number of scanning heads. Magnetic flux leakage inspection is not affected by product flowing through the pipe so surveys can be carried out both on-line and off-line.
RMS2 Corrosion Mapping of Pipelines


Remote Access C-Scan Corrosion Mapping

The RMS2 is a high speed, high accuracy remote access ultrasonic corrosion mapping system designed to evaluate the condition of ferrous structures such as storage tanks, pipelines, pressure vessels and other critical equipment, supporting effective and safe operation.
Scorpion Tank Shell Ultrasonic Inspection


Remote Access Ultrasonic Crawler

The Scorpion B-scan is a rugged remote access ultrasonic crawler designed for cost effective A and B-scan imaging on above ground ferro-magnetic structures such as storage tanks, vessels and offshore installations without the need for costly scaffolding or rope access associated with UT thickness gauging.
R-Scan Lite Corrosion Profiling of Pipe


Corrosion Profiling, Corrosion Mapping and Weld Flaw Detection

The Silverwing UT Lite family consists of a R-Scan Lite, ThetaScan and Tofd manual scanners, an ultrasonic pulser/receiver and dedicated acquisition and analysis software. This combination provides the capability to perform corrosion profiling, corrosion mapping and weld flaw detection.


Flat Vacuum box Designed to meet API 653 inspection standard

The latest edition to the vacuum box range is the V750. The V750 has been completely redesigned to API 653 inspection standard. The design incorporates a 750 mm weld inspection length, complete new lighter body, calibrated vacuum gauge, internal LED’s to ensure correct visibility along the test weld, new seal designed to reduces operator fatigue.
Vacuum box for shell to annular welds


Shell to annualar weld with 400 mm inspection length

Bubble leak testing of shell to annular weld, suitable for both new build inspection and inservice inspection. Unlike some vacuum boxes that rely upon a vulnerable vacuum gauge the Silverwing range have calibrated vacuum relief valves fitted as standard.
Tank floor corrosion map


Silverwing Inspection Mapping Software associated with Floormap's

Silverwing Inspection Mapping Software (SIMS) reporting suite provides the most powerful and efficient means to create high quality reports on tank condition, and archiving of inspection results for traceability. SIMS imports data from the Floormap3D or VS2i and automatically positions each of the separate plate files together to produce a CAD drawing
C-scan image of corrosion inspection

RMS Data Acquisition

Corrosion Mapping Data Capture & Reporting

The RMS software integrates scanner control, data capture, data analysis and reporting tools. The software shows a real-time display of the ultrasonic A-scan, C-scan, thickness measurement and positional data, with a maximum resolution of 0.5 mm x 0.5 mm.
Ultrasonic Flaw Detection for Technicians Book

Ultrasonic Flaw Detection for Technicians

3rd Edition by J.C.Drury

Ultrasonic Flaw Detection for Technicians by John Drury has almost become an industry standard amongst UT professionals and is widely regarded as the most complete UT book ever written. Now in its third edition, the book was first published twenty five years ago. This thorough revision covers all the latest transducer technology and flaw detection instrumentation advancements and UT developments such as ToFD.