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ECNDT – Prague, Great Success for Silverwing



The 2014 European Conference of NDT was held at the Prague Congress Centre. It is one of the largest and best-equipped European centres. Located on one of Prague’s hills, with a beautiful view of the world famous Prague panorama, made this year’s conference a great venue.

Great interest was shown towards all Silverwing’s products, but especially to Silverwing’s new C-Map - C-Scan Stitching, Analysis and Archive software. The C-MAP software is an innovative solution to managing today’s complex inspections, delivering a powerful and efficient data management environment. C-MAP's unique approach enables inspection results from multiple disciplines and historical inspections to be easily viewed, analysed and shared. Developed as an inspection data hub, C-MAP gives you control over valuable inspection data to create a complete view of an assets condition.

C-MAP also solves the problem of managing the vast amount of data that can be collected from the latest inspection systems, giving easy access to detail results or large scale overviews. It also provides a solid platform to develop advanced analysis capability by supporting a growing library of plug-in modules.

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