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Silverwing Partners HPC Wales and Ansys in MFL Research Programme

Matthew Boat and Neil Pearson
Silverwing has partnered with HPC Wales and Ansys www.ansys.comto conduct further research into magnetic flux leakage (MFL) inspection techniques. High Performance Computing (HPC) Wales is an innovative collaboration which gives businesses and researchers access to world-class, secure and easy to use high performance computing (HPC) technology.
Typically termed “supercomputing” Silverwing will have access to 320 simultaneous cores for running its MFL simulations. The simulations will be performed using Ansys Maxwell simulation suite, enabling transient response analysis across a wide range of corrosion shapes. Ansys is a global leader in simulation, and provides multi-physics capability to simulate both magnetic and mechanical components within a system.
This research will enable Silverwing to develop its advanced signal processing algorithms to enhance MFL inspection solutions for corrosion mapping. Long considered just a screening tool, recent developments have moved the science forward, with the goal of delivering accurate defect profiling and sizing, removing the need for ultrasonic prove up in most cases.
Wayne Woodhead, Managing Director, commented “ Silverwing’s continuing research into MFL has resulted in a number of potential solutions for improving sizing accuracy and probability of detection. Having access to world class simulation tools running on an extremely powerful computer platform will enable us to develop and test these solutions very quickly, reducing our product development timescales and extending the capabilities of MFL based inspection.