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Early success with the new arc pipeline corrosion mapping system

RMS corrosion mapping a pipline

Hi speed remote access UT corrosion mapping

Silverwing has announced the launch of its new RMS ARC scanners for large pipe and slug catcher inspection, with early orders from RBG Middle East and Oceaneering for corrosion mapping contracts.
RBG Middle East W.L.L, located in the state of Qatar, was the first to take delivery in January 2013 and has successfully utilised the RMS ARC for corrosion mapping of slug catchers and other pipelines. RBG also bought a second unit in May to supplement its growing corrosion mapping requirements in the region.
Oceaneering has a number of RMS systems and has added the ARC capability after working with Silverwing’s development team to optimise the system. Oceaneering has successfully used it on flare main gas lines at a major refinery and jetty lines in the Shetlands, with further interest from the Caspian and USA.
The RMS2 system is a complete high-speed remote access ultrasonic corrosion mapping system with a range of remote scanning heads to suit pipe and other large structures. The system can be used in high-temperature applications up to 170°C continuous surface temperature and with plate thickness in excess of 100 mm.
The latest additions to the range of RMS2 scanning heads are the RMS2 ARC 24-36 and 36-48, designed to operate longitudinally on pipe diameters from 24" to 48". The combination of longitudinal pipe scanning and 60° scan coverage bring a major improvement to inspection efficiency for pipeline applications while maintaining the high standard of data quality associated with the RMS2. The 30 m umbilical is extremely useful for river crossing and jetty applications, removing the need for rope access or scaffolding.
Silverwing designs and manufactures seamless inspection systems for storage tank, vessel and pipe applications, supporting risk-based inspection programmes and asset life extension. Offices in the UK, Middle East, USA and South Africa are supported by a worldwide network of distributors.
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