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RMS corrosion mapping system sold into Turkey

RMS Corrosion Mapping System in Turkey

RMS Corrosion Mapping System

After 15 months of negotiation ENKON, a Turkish based NDT Contractor has recently purchased 2 off Silverwing RMS systems to aid with securing contracts in both Turkey and Iraq.

Enkon are planning to have a campaign of non-intrusive corrosion mapping of pressure vessels and oil storage tanks which will enable the Field Operations to manage this risk and provide reliable data for repair or replacement of plant during planned shutdowns.

The end user requirements included

  • Fully automated ultrasonic defect and corrosion mapping system, with fully computerised data acquisition and recording capabilities. The system shall have adjustable high resolution capability and demonstrate repeatability and high accuracy.
  • Reports shall be
    • presented in such a format to enable future location referencing of results and ensure comparison of features for determination of defect development rates.
    • capable of presenting multiple scan views of the inspected items and capable of full detection, sizing and discrimination.

Ms.Filiz (General Coordinator) for Enkon said “The main deciding factor in placing a purchase order in favor of Silverwing, was the end user specification, high quality of product, application knowledge & support provided by the sales team.” Some of the features being:-

  • Scaffold free system and remotely accessed.
  • High speed scanning.
  • A-scan, B-scan, C-scan and 3D view.
  • Paint removal not required.
  • Simultaneous mapping of both front surface and back surface, which is easily visualised using 3D C-scan.
  • Classical Post inspection analysis and reporting software.
  • Equipment accuracy, repeatability and reliability.