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Silverwing Exhibit at the StocExpo 2016 Tank Storage Event

Silverwing Booth - Real Inspection Confidence

Silverwing Booth
Real Inspection Confidence

The 2016 StocExpo Tank storage exhibition returned to Antwerp Belgium and as usual the Silverwing booth was extremely busy with experts from the tank storage industry dropping in and catching up with our latest developments.

The highlight of the exhibition and a favourite with our visitors was our CMAP stations. CMAP is an innovative software solution to managing today’s complex inspections, delivering a powerful and efficient data management environment.

CMAP's unique approach enables inspection results from multiple disciplines and historical inspections to be easily viewed, analysed and shared. Developed as an inspection data hub, CMAP gives you control over valuable inspection data to create a complete view of an assets condition. There was also a huge interest in the SNT-TC-1A training course for the Magnetic Flux Leakage Method for the Inspection of above Ground Storage Tanks (ASTs).

Driven by safety concerns and a desire to increase in-use storage times, asset owners and engineers are demanding increasingly reliable information. With Inspection confidence being a real issue in today’s tank inspection industry, Silverwing’s independently validated training course demonstrates a dedication to continually improving the quality of tank floor inspection.

Due to the success, Silverwing have already booked the StocExpo 2017 in Ahoy Rotterdam 28-30th March 2017.

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