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UTLITE Corrosion Profiling, Corrosion Mapping and Weld Flaw Detection

  • Cost Effective & Scalable
  • Easy Intuitive Software
  • B-scan, C-scan & ToFD Inspection
  • Range Of Plug & Go Scanning Heads

The UT Lite is a portable, powerful, ultrasonic inspection system for corrosion profiling, mapping and weld inspection.

Using Silverwing’s unique dry coupled scanning technology for corrosion profiling, mapping and standard TOFD probes for butt welds, it offers distinct advantages for inspection of storage tanks, pipework and pressure vessels.

The UT Lite is designed in line with Silverwing’s philosophy of easy and fast measurement collection coupled with extensive analysis tools. This approach ensures technicians can focus on completing the job efficiently whilst capturing all the raw data to assist in reporting and Risk Based Inspection (RBI).

UT Lite
R-Scan manual b-scan
Scorpion remote access crawler

The system comes with three types of inspection capability, B-scan for fast encoded line scans, C-scan for detailed small area inspection and ToFD for weld inspection on tank shells and pipework.

With the flexibility of plug and go scanners the UT Lite can be used in many areas of inspection.

Key Features:
  • Software designed for technicians by technicians
  • Dry coupled wheel probe for B & C scan – no couplant requirement
  • In-service inspection
  • Higher POD than conventional UT thickness gauging
  • Outdoor viewable, ruggedised, touch screen
  • Permanently stored data to assist with RLA & RBI trend forecasting
  • Battery operated
  • B-scan recording up to 33 foot (10 m) long
  • C-scan recording up to 12 x 12 inches (300 mm x 300 mm)
  • Use on material thickness up to 2 inch (50 mm)
  • Import inspection data to Silverwing’s CMAP analysis software
  • Quantitative inspection at a low cost price
  • Field proven durability & reliability


The R-Scan is a manual, dry coupled B-scan ultrasonic scanner which can be used on a wide variety of assets ranging from 2 inch (50 mm) diameter pipe up to a flat surface.

  • 360 degrees In service corrosion profiling.
  • Ideal for remote locations, (no couplant required).
  • Inspect a variety of surfaces including pipes and elbows.

R-Scan corrosion profiling


The Scorpion is a rugged remote access ultrasonic crawler designed for cost effective A and B-scan imaging on structures such as tanks, vessels and offshore installations.

  • Dry coupled wheel probe.
  • Complete UT crawler system.
  • Remote access upto 164 foot (50 m) distance.

more information on the Scorpion crawler please click here



The Thetascan is a manual, dry coupled C-scan ultrasonic system which can be used for corrosion mapping on assets ranging from 12 inch (300 mm) diameter pipe up to a flat surface.

  • In service corrosion mapping.
  • Detailed C-scan with adjustable resolution.
  • Scan compensation for pipe diameter.

ThetaScan manual corrosion mapping


The ToFD Lite is a portable single channel system designed to inspect tank, pipe and vessel welds. The system includes H and A frames to cover a range of weld thickness and applications.

  • 5 MHz and 10 MHz probes.
  • 45, 60 and 70 degree angled wedges.
  • H and A Frame configurations.

ToFD weld flaw detection
ToFD Lite

B-scan Software

The R-scan and Scorpion software has been designed to make life easier for the operator. The touch screen intuitive layout, with large buttons makes it ideal for site conditions, allowing the operator to conduct and analyse an inspection more efficiently.

A nominal thickness line and an adjustable reporting threshold line can be displayed over any of the B-scan views (amplitude, profile and line) to identify reportable defects at a glance and allow rapid evaluation of the complete scan. Data can be stored in pre-defined formats to make grid and tank wall scanning patterns, with direct import into CMAP. All these features are designed to make data analysis and reporting easier for the operator.

UT B-scan view
B-scan view
UT proofile view
B-scan profile view with reporting markers
Report markers
Inspection details

C-scan Software

Used as a follow-up inspection in conjunction with B-scan, or stand alone for C-scan mapping of small areas the system provides an easy to use 2D scan of an area. During a scan the software displays a real-time A-scan trace, C-scan image and a digital thickness measurements. The easy to use defect sizing tools make it simple for the operator to scan, analyse and highlight any areas of concern.

Recorded C-scan images can be imported directly into Windows software packages such as Word or Excel. The scan resolution is selectable to enable quick large area scans, then adjusted to give fine resolution detail as required.

Ultrasonic setup
Zoom view
Heads up view
Headup view
Zoom view of C-scan
Gates and Delay Setup

ToFD Software

ToFD is now an established method for weld inspection, especially root corrosion. The simplified UT Lite system is easy to use for pipe and tank shell welds.

The software shows an active A-scan display and the D-scan image and also features several measurement tools such as lateral wave, back wall, thickness, depth, height and length for accurate measurement of recorded scans.

UT inspection details
Inspection Details
Scan view
Scan view
Zoomed view
Zoom view

Reporting Tools & CMAP

All inspection and thickness measurements can be simply exported to a USB for transfer to a PC for further analysis and reporting. The exported data can be viewed in the desktop version of the software or thickness readings can be viewed in Excel. B-scan Inspection data taken from the R-scan or Scorpion can be imported to Silverwing's CMAP reporting software along with C-scan and D-scan images taken from the Thetascan or ToFD.

UT inspection details
CMAP inspection overview
Scan view
B-scan amplitude view
Zoomed view
Imported Thetscan image
Technical Specification

R-Scan Lite
Length 4.8" (122 mm) x Width 2.5" (65 mm) x Height 2.1" (54 mm)
TWP25 - 5 MHz dual element Dry Coupled wheel probe
6.5 feet (2 metre)
Length 15.2" (385 mm) x Width 8.7" (222 mm) x Height 4" (102 mm)
TWP40 - 5 MHz dual element Dry Coupled wheel probe
Optional 5 MHz bubbler probe
1" /second (25 mm/second)
Umbilical Cable Length
164 foot (50 metres)
Length 4.3" (110 mm) x Width 3.4" x (87 mm) x Height 2" (50 mm)
TWP25 - 5 MHz dual element Dry Coupled wheel probe
Max Scan Area
21.7" (550 mm) radius 180° swing
ToFD Lite
H-Frame: Length 10.2" (260 mm) x Width 3" (80 mm) x Height 2" (50 mm)
A-Frame: Length 1.7" (45.5 mm) x Width 0.7" (20 mm) x Height 3.5" (90 mm)
5 MHz and 10 MHz non composite crystal probe
Supplied with 45, 60 and 70 degree angled wedges
Weld Plate Thickness
Min 0.25" (6 mm) Max 2.5" (63 mm)
UT Lite
Length 14.2" (360 mm) x Width 12.2" (310 mm) x Height 9.5" (240mm)
4.75 Kg
8 hours operation from fully charged
10.1" high brightness with 1920 x 1200 resolution
Ambient Temperature Range
-5°C to +60°C
Ultrasonic Specification
-400 Volt Spike
Receiver gain
0 – 80 dB in 1 dB steps
Wideband (0.5 – 2 MHz), 1.5 – 3.5 MHz, 3.5 – 7.0 MHz, 6.5 – 12 MHz
Probe range
1.0 MHz – 15 MHz
Maximum of 500 mm, 5920 m/s steel
Probe Range
1.0 MHz – 15 MHz
Probe Mode
Single or dual
Measurement Mode
Peak, flank, 1st echo & echo to echo


  • Full data recording with easy to interpret B-scan corrosion profile at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions.
  • Rapid thickness measurements and B-scan inspection of internal / external elbows, bends and straight pipe.
  • Small area C-scan corrosion mapping of pipes and flat plate.
  • ToFD weld inspection of butt welds.

Pressure Vessel Inspection

  • Rapid thickness measurements and B-scan inspection with full data recording. Each scan can be easily saved in a grid pattern chosen by the operator and imported in to CMAP.
  • ToFD weld inspection of shell welds.

Horizontal Storage Inspection

  • Rapid thickness measurements and B-scan inspection with full data recording. Each scan can be easily saved in a grid pattern chosen by the operator and imported in to CMAP.
  • ToFD weld inspection of shell welds.

Tank Truck Inspection

  • Rapid thickness measurements and B-scan inspection with full data recording. Each scan can be easily saved in a grid pattern chosen by the operator and imported in to CMAP.
  • ToFD weld inspection of shell welds.

Vertical Storage Tank Inspection

  • Rapid thickness measurements and B-scan inspection with full data recording of shell plates. Scans can be easily saved in a shell grid pattern and automatically positioned in CMAP.
  • ToFD weld inspection of shell welds.

Rope Access Inspection

  • Corrosion inspection in inaccessible area can be very difficult; the combination of the UT Lite’s carry harness and dry coupled wheel probe makes the system ideal for rope access inspection.

Other Inspection Applications

  • Water and fire bolier tubes.
  • Steel bridge gusset plates.

UT LITE - Ultrasonic Inspection


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