Silverwing is now part of Eddyfi Technologies

Introduction to Eddyfi PEC and ECA Inspection Systems

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This week we welcomed Eddyfi’s application specialist Jonathan Berthier from the European office located in Lyon, France. Jonathan spent a few days introducing the Silverwing team to Eddyfi’s advanced Eddy current and electromagnetic solutions.

The visit started with Jonathan having a tour of Silverwing’s Swansea based Centre of Excellence and an introduction to his new work colleagues followed by an equipment demonstration to Silverwing’s small but vastly experienced inspection team.

With over 45 years’ combined experience in NDT and a mix of API and EEMUA qualified engineers this would be a tough audience for Jonathan.

First on the agenda was Eddyfi’s Lyft™: high-performance pulsed eddy current (PEC) system specifically designed for CUI inspection.

The system features a portable, state-of-the-art instrument, real-time C-scan imaging, fast data acquisition with grid-mapping and dynamic scanning modes. It can scan through thick metal up to 38 mm and insulation up to 152 mm, as well as aluminium, stainless steel, and galvanized steel weather jackets.

Next was the Reddy®: an eddy current array (ECA) surface inspection system accompanied by the Sharck™ line of probes specifically designed for carbon steel weld crack detection and sizing. Not only does it enable measuring surface-breaking crack position and length, but also sizing cracks as deep as 7 mm. Furthermore, the Sharck™ allows simultaneously scanning the weld cap, toe area, and heat-affected zone for longitudinal and transverse cracks without surface preparation or paint removal.

The whole Silverwing team was impressed with Jonathan’s knowledge and Eddyfi’s systems with Justin Burton, Silverwing’s Inspection manager commenting: “The introduction was really informative, Eddyfi systems are well made, well thought out system for real world problems, with easy to use intuitive software. We’re looking forward to using them in the field”.