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Floormap3Di-R High Speed MFL Tank Bottom Inspection Scanner

  • Full tank floor data recording and mapping
  • Variable speed up to 1 m/s
  • 256 individual sensors for 4.6 x 2 mm scanning resolution
  • Top and bottom defect discrimination

Dedicated to advanced NDT inspection technologies, Silverwing is proud to announce the launch of Floormap3Di-R, which brings major efficiency improvements to tank bottom inspections.

At twice the speed of its predecessor, the Floormap3Di-R is the fastest tank bottom inspection system developed by Silverwing. Scanning speeds of up to 1 m/s can now be achieved, considerably reducing inspection time and improving inspection efficiency.

The new design of Floormap3Di-R has been centered around improved inspection quality and combines two distinct technologies, MFL and STARS. The innovative STARS Technology (Surface Topology Air-gap Reluctance Sensors) enables the scanner to determine whether there is corrosion top side, bottom side or below the surface coating.

Improved signal to noise ratio combined with STARS and MFL ensures a more accurate and efficient inspection of coated and thicker plates.

Unlike other manual “stop-on-defect” systems, all the data is captured and stored. This data retention enables tank engineers to compare and review historically pertinent data sets to determine the optimum repair strategy.

The high-resolution sensor heads provide excellent probability of detection, even on indications measuring only 2 mm in diameter. This, coupled with advanced signal processing and defect classification tools, significantly improves the corrosion detection and sizing capability when compared with previous generation systems.

Stéfan Parmentier, general manager at Silverwing comments: "We are very happy to introduce this new, faster, Floormap. We feel extremely confident that the gains to be made in efficiency will translate into increased revenue and a better user experience for our customers."

Floormap3Di-R - MFL Tank Inspection API 653

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