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Tank Bottom Mapping

Tank bottom mapping just got faster, a lot faster

The argument to map or not to map has been around since the first tank bottom mapping systems were introduced in the early 90’s with the main argument revolving around speed.

Mapping systems may take longer to setup but can save considerable time by reducing the amount of UT prove-up due to advances in defect sizing software. Mapping systems also reduce the time from inspection to delivering the all-important report to the client, with desktop analysis and reporting software inspectors can quickly analysis and simply produce the report with an automated process.

Non-mapping systems otherwise known as Stop-on-defect or manual systems require little setup and operators can quickly screen a tank bottom, which is great if there is little or no corrosion, but if corrosion is present then a considerable amount of time is spent on UT prove up followed by manually producing the report.

Floormap3Di-R - MFL Tank Inspection API 653

The argument for mapping has been strengthened with Silverwing releasing the new Floormap3Di-R mapping scanner, which is twice as fast as its previous model. That being said Silverwing also recognize that mapping may not be a requirement or may not be physically possible so they have also released the M-R version which gives the operator two mode choices, mapping or manual both of which operate at the faster speed of 1 m/s (3 ft/s).

How does the speed impact the results?

Silverwing conducted various tests by scanning plates ranging from 6 mm to 12 mm in thickness whilst gradually increasing the speed from 0.5 m/s up to 1 m/s (1.5 ft/s to3 ft/s).

The below scans show there was no difference in the detection capabilities of the Floormap, just faster inspections.

6 mm test plate with machined defects

6 mm tank bottom plate

6 mm plate with real corrosion plate

6 mm real corrosion tank bottom plate

10 mm test plate with machined defects

10 mm real corrosion tank bottom plate

12 mm test plate with machined defects

12 mm real corrosion tank bottom plate