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Join Silverwing’s Wayne Woodhead for a presentation on:

“Efficient inspection from measurement collection through to report”

WCNDT Mo.2.G Lifetime Management

Saal 13 A
Monday 13th June 15:50
Wayne Woodhead

Wayne Woodhead

Ascertaining the integrity of large steel structures such as storage tanks, pipes and vessels is a complex task. Silverwing (UK) Ltd has developed an inspection solution that can inspect, manage, present and generate reports.

The inspection data generated from these large assets can be large, requiring gigabytes to even terabytes of storage and meticulous analysis. And while it is normally accepted that more data is always better, the ability to handle, analyse and report findings with vast amounts of information efficiently becomes a challenge.

In this paper, examples are given towards illustrating how volumes of information is technically handled and how it can improve the efficiency of the overall inspection process from the measurement gathering stage to the report and how this can benefit the inspection company, asset integrity engineer and asset owner.