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Building on the success of the Floormap3D with STARS top and bottom defect discrimination, continuous research and development has resulted in the most advanced Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) storage tank bottom scanner the Floormap3Di.
Silverwing is the leading Non Destructive Testing equipment manufacturer specialising in storage tanks, pipes and vessels. We understand the need to balance greater accuracy and detection with reduced inspection timescales, and this drives us to design ever more efficient and accurate systems which gives inspection confidence. Focussing on fast data collection and automated reporting releases more time for data analysis, adding value and reducing overall inspection time.
RMS2 - Rapid Motion Scanner
The RMS2 is a high-speed remote access ultrasonic corrosion mapping system which has improved reliability and functionality. The RMS2 is designed for rapid, large scale inspection of ferrous structures such as storage tanks, pipe-work, pressure vessels, risers and other critical equipment.
The UT Lite is a portable, powerful, ultrasonic inspection system for corrosion profiling, mapping and weld inspection. Using Silverwing’s unique dry coupled scanning technology for corrosion profiling, mapping and standard TOFD probes for butt welds, it offers distinct advantages for inspection of storage tanks, pipework and pressure vessels.
Jim Costain
Silverwing UK Limited are pleased to announce the appointment of Jim Costain as Group Sales Director. With over 25 years’ experience in the NDT industry Jim brings valuable expertise to a fast growing technology company who are looking to expand into new markets and bring new technology to the industry.
RMS2 ARC- Longitudinally Pipe Inspection
The latest additions to the range of RMS scanning heads are the RMSARC 24 -36 and 36-48, designed to operate longitudinally on pipe diameters from 24” to 48”. The combination of longitudinal pipe scanning and 60° scan width brings a major improvement to inspection efficiency for pipeline applications while maintaining the high standard of data quality associated with the RMS2.
The Handscan MFL corrosion detection mini scanner is designed to compliment the, MFL 2000 and FloormapVS2i floorscanners. Even in such a small configuration the latest generation of permanent magnets enable localised magnetic saturation of the floor area under test. Signals from corrosion, above the operator controllable threshold, are displayed as both a visual and audible alarm. It’s low profile and extendable handle allow scanning in otherwise inaccessible areas of storage tanks such as the shell to annular area and under pipe work or heater coils.
R-Scan Lite
The R-scan Lite can be used on a wide variety of components ranging from 50mm diameter pipe up to a flat surface. The R-scan Lite is simple to set up and is highly portable while providing detailed and accurate ultrasonic thickness information. Inspection results can be viewed in real time in the field or recalled for post inspection analysis at a later date.