Silverwing is now part of Eddyfi Technologies

Silverwing is the leading manufacturer of Non Destructive Testing - NDT equipment for storage tanks, vessels and pipeline inspection within the oil, gas and petro-chemical industries.

We have 30 years’ experience in the design, development, manufacture and sales of advanced, seamless NDT inspection equipment ranging from MFL tank floor scanners to advanced UT corrosion mapping system. Our equipment allows engineers to evaluate the condition of industrial assets, supporting effective and safe operation

Silverwing specialise in the manufacture and sale of NDT inspection equipment and systems for above ground storage tanks, vessels and pipelines within the oil, gas and petro-chemical industries

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"To be the world's leading provider of advanced seamless non-destructive testing solutions (from data collection to report) for evaluating the condition of industrial storage tanks, pipeline and vessels."


"To challenge the market place to continuously improve accuracy and efficiency of NDT inspection through innovation and collaborative research, by partnering with inspection providers, trade associations, asset owners and research institutions."

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Tank Inspection

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Pipe Inspection

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Vessel Inspection

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