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NDT Inspection Services
Tank, Pipes and Vessels

API 653 certified inspectors
EEMUA 159 certified tank integrity assessors
API 570 Certified Piping system Engineers

NDT inspection services - Tanks Pipes and Vessels

In support of Silverwing’s advanced product development we operate a specialist NDT inspection team concentrating on corrosion detection and sizing the above ground storage tanks (AST) and pipelines market within the Petro-Chemical industry.

Our inspection division includes API 653 certified inspectors and EEMUA 159 certified tank integrity assessors and API 570 Certified Piping system Engineers providing the complete NDT inspection solution. The team can work directly for asset owners, but we also supply specialist skills via existing inspection service or maintenance companies, enhancing their capability and helping to develop their in-house teams.

To compliment the Inspection Services, Silverwing is able to offer full engineering assessment of tankage to meet the guidelines laid down by EEMUA 159 and API 653 including "fitness for purpose" and inspection scheduling reports within the UK and UAE. Our personnel employ best working practices with safety a top priority. Preparation and execution of site-specific health and safety plans coupled with detailed inspection procedures ensure Silverwing meets Health & Safety and International inspection specification requirements.

MFL tank floor inspection
ultrasonic shell inspection
Ultrasonic pipline thickness measurements
MFL tank floor inspection
ultrasonic shell inspection
Ultrasonic pipline thickness measurements
NDT Inspection Summary:
  • Above Ground Storage Tank Floor Inspections including Magnetic Flux Leakage inspection, Vacuum Box inspection of lap welds, butt welds and fillet welds, Magnetic Particle Inspection of welds
  • Remote Access Ultrasonic Inspection of Storage Tank Walls, Spheres and Columns
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection of non insulated tank farm and refinery pipework.
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT) and Inspection
  • High speed Ultrasonic B and C-scan Inspection of Pressure Vessels, Tanks and Large Diameter Pipework
  • Long range ultrasonic screening of pipework, both above and below ground

NDT Inspection Techniques and Equipment


Computerised MFL floor scanner with STARS technology to provide discrimination between top and bottom surface defects...


The MFLi3000 is a high speed, stop on defect magnetic flux leakage corrosion detection scanner The easy to operate, reliable and cost effective inspection tool...


The Handscan MFL corrosion detection mini scanner is designed to compliment the, Floormap3Di, FloormapVS2i and MFL2000 floorscanners...


The RMS2 is a high-speed remote access ultrasonic corrosion mapping system designed for rapid, large scale inspection...


The Scorpion is a rugged remote access ultrasonic crawler designed to allow cost effective inspection without the need for costly scaffolding or rope access...

Vacuum Box

The V-Series range of vacuum boxes is designed for weld leak detection in flat floor plate for both new build inspection and in-service inspection...

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